Roberson Charged

Former Clarkdale High School softball coach, Rick Roberson has been charged with three sex-related crimes.

Roberson Thursday waived his right to a probable cause hearing, that was originally set for 11 a.m. Friday.

He was then booked at the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office on two counts of lustful touching of a minor and a statutory rape charge dating back to 1984. His bond was set at $20,000. Roberson posted bond and was released.

"The case will proceed on from here to a grand jury," said Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun.

Leaving the Lauderdale County Jail, Roberson chose not to comment on the allegations against him.

Calhoun said no specific reason was for given for why Roberson and his attorney chose to waive the hearing.

Calhoun told Newscenter 11 he can't rule out further charges.

"We have a current investigation that has obviously been ongoing," said Calhoun. "Anyone who comes forth, as in any case with any type of information, then we will proceed and continue our investigation."