Rushing Resigns from CSC

Meridian, Miss. Another commissioner has resigned from the Civil Service Commission. Now only two commissioners remain. City officials say Alexia Rushing turned in her letter of resignation on Friday, and they do not know why.

"At present, it is not functioning, because we have to fill the attorney's position, and we have to have at least one more Civil Service commissioner in place," CAO Mike McGrevey explains.

Rushing's decision to resign comes just over two months after she was appointed and only a little more than two weeks after the resignations of two other commissioners.

"Does the city of Meridian have a Civil Service Commission left? This is horrific," attorney Bill Ready, Jr., says. "Under this administration, people are leaving right and left."

It's certainly bad news for Ready. Civil Service cannot move forward until it has a quorum of at least three members. That means the cases for fired city employees are once again put on hold.

Ready has five upcoming cases for the Civil Service Commission. He says his next two clients, Officer Don Hopkins and Capt. Dean Harper, are wearing thin after this wait that seems never-ending.

"That's an ineffective commission," Ready says. "It can't function, it can't meet, they can't talk, they don't do anything. As far as the effect it has on my clients, they continue to be delayed. Their rights continue to be violated and taken advantage of."

But McGrevey says civil service will be functioning again soon.

"We will be taking one nomination to the City Council on the next Council meeting to fill that position, which will bring us back up to three members," he says.

McGrevey hopes to have two additional candidates at the first meeting in September. He says they also have a candidate to replace the Civil Service attorney.