Rutledge Holds Out Hope for Long Creek

Lauderdale County, Miss. Lauderdale County officials and the city of Meridian are still looking for ways to fix a problem with the dam at the Long Creek Reservoir.

District 5 supervisor, Kyle Rutledge, says the dam will be breached very soon. The city is draining the water from the reservoir because of that problem.

Rutledge says he has been in contact with a representative from Cong. Gregg Harper's office on this issue.

"And they are trying to get a meeting together with the county, city, and DEQ before the dam is breached, trying to come up with a solution," said Rutledge. "So hopefully, we can come up with some type of solution before it's breached or at least have a plan on how to fix the dam before it is drained completely."

Rutledge says he also has a meeting scheduled with Sen. Thad Cochran later this week, and plans to discuss possible resolutions to the problem.