Sales Tax Holiday Underway

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Meridian, Miss. Shoppers quickly packed the mall and local shops eager to take advantage of the sales tax free weekend. The tax free weekend goes till midnight this Saturday night. Items that are sales tax free are clothes and shoes less than $100, however, athletic wears, jewelry and accessories. Other items that are not tax free include computers and school supplies. Even with all the exclusions, shoppers say the tax free weekend is a great help to parents.

Raven Willis, who I found at the Liberty Shop, said this about the tax free shopping "It was wonderful. They had everything we needed size-wise. It was wonderful. I only have one child, but it helped a lot, a real lot."

Some of the local shops offer special packaged deals on school uniforms that are exactly 99-dollars. At that price, with the sales tax taken off, you would save 7 dollars, and with multiple kids to buy for, those savings add up quickly.

Jessica Benthall, a customer at the Liberty Shop says "It's great. Especially this time of year, especially when back to school supplies are so expensive and you have multiple children, it really helps. It also helps mom and pops locally, we don't have to buy from out of town."

The sales tax holiday was passed in 2009 for the express purpose of helping parents who are already overwhelmed by the cost of back to school items. Additionally, coupons can not be used to bring the cost of an item below item limit 100-dollars.