Salvation Army Falling Short of Fundraising Goals

This year's shorter holiday season isn't just impacting shoppers. It's also striking a blow to the local Salvation Army.

The fundraising goal for kettles this year is $115,000 - the same goal as last year. But this year's later Thanksgiving knocked an extra week off fundraising efforts. Meridian's Salvation Army corps officer says as of last night, bell-ringers have only pulled in $87,000. Leaving just three days to make up that last $28,000.

"I am hoping everybody, when they go by a kettle will remember the fact that we need help and remember the fact and remember that the money we raise at Christmastime is not just Christmas. That's a big part of it, but it goes all year," Major Walter Strong says.

You still have a chance to contribute. Bell-ringers will be out at kettles across the city of Meridian until 3 p.m. on Christmas eve.