Santa's Elves Spread Joy in Marion

Santa had a little help spreading Christmas cheer a day early. Marion Police and the Board of Aldermen loaded up four vehicles Monday morning with toys and presents for every kid in sight. This is the fifth year they have been handing out Christmas gifts. As police officers sworn to protect and serve, they feel that part of that service is helping the youth of the community.

Chief Randall Davis of the Marion Police Department explains, "It's everybody's responsibility to help, not just the police, the mayors, it's everybody's responsibility.If we see some kids out there in need, as people in a community, everybody needs to help these kids. And you might not be able to save all, but you'll be able to help some of them"

The kids are appreciative, but their parents say it means even more to them to be able to see the look of joy on their child's face.

Jennifer Matherly, a mother of two of the children who received toys, tells us, "It means so much to me that they do all this just to help people, and knowing that my kids have a bike and they're happy and that Meridian and Marion has helped them out a lot this year."

Those distributing the toys also take in the delight of seeing the happy faces of the families to whom they've brought Christmas cheer.

Barbara Anthony, a member of the Board of Aldermen, says, "It's an awesome feeling to be able to touch the kids hearts and to see a smile on their faces when you actually give them something unexpected, and it actually touches our hearts, as well."

This Christmas Eve, Santa's elves learned firsthand that it truly is better to give than to receive.