Scam Artists Posing as Security System Workers

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Meridian, Mississippi Home security systems are the one thing area residents are counting on these days to protect their homes from the bad guys. However, it seems the bad guys are using the security systems as a way to take advantage of people.

"People, you know, they put a lot of trust in their security company," according to Kimberly Smith with CUI Systems. "So, you know, they think well why would they lie to me? They must be telling me the truth. And then they get kind of hoodwinked into something that's not to their best benefit."

State Fire Marshal Mike Chaney has notified security companies in our area that individuals claiming to be with a security company are going door to door, trying to sell security systems or offer upgrades. CUI Systems in Meridian says it has received calls from several customers with similar concerns, including one where a man was trying to enter an elderly woman's home.

"Because she was upset cause we had not sent anyone out to her house," CUI's Joey Fields says. "And her question was, did you send this man and I said no ma'am. And I said, don't let him in because there's been too much going on."

Experts say if you ever receive a call from someone claiming to be from a security company and you're not exactly sure who you're speaking with, you can always ask for their phone number and call them back.

"And they can botch up a job," Fields points out. "And end up costing a customer more money when it doesn't work properly for them."

Security system workers will typically be dressed in company logo and be driving a vehicle with company logo on it.