School Burglary Investigation Ongoing

Just days after individuals burglarized Clarkdale High School, the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department is broadening its investigation. With some help from the community, the Sheriff's Department currently has multiple individuals in custody. But Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says the arrest of these suspects is just beginning.

"As usual, we believe that there was more than one individual involved in this, and we're hoping someone in the community have some information and be willing to step forward and help us in our investigation," Chief Deputy Calhoun said.

Investigators are considering the possibility that these suspects, and others, could be responsible for the burglary just one day before at Sumter Academy, as well as many additional crimes in the area. Input from individuals in the community has pushed this case along, but the Sheriff's Department admits that noticing suspicious activity can be difficult in a situation like this.

"Late into the evening, you have coaches that come and go, teachers come and go, and so it does make it difficult to know when something is not looking right or somethin gappears to be suspicious or out of the ordinary," he said.

The Sheriff's Department has already recovered some of the stolen items, and investigators encourage anyone who has purchased a musical instrument from a suspicious person, to come forward, before the Sheriff's Department finds you.

"These bad guys are going to know people are watching out for them. It causes them to be more scared; it causes them to maybe not even commit the crime to begin with," Chief Deputy Calhoun said.

The investigation is ongoing.