School District Will Consider Reviewing Safety Procedures

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A local school superintendent says the district will consider looking over safety procedures after a gun was allegedly taken on school property this past week.

It all started Wednesday morning when the Neshoba County School District says a 17-year old, who is not a student a Neshoba Central High School, caught a bus to the school with an actual student. The district tells Newscenter 11 the 17-year old then got into a fight with someone on campus. Superintendent Tommy Dearing says the bus driver isn't necessarily to blame.

"This student indicated that this person was a student and had spent the night with him," Dearing explains. "We have this happen in a lot of situation where parents drop off kids or where kids stay the night with others and ride our buses the next day."

A preliminary investigation found the 17-year old left the gun in a car.