School Leaders, Parents Discuss Furthering Education

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Meridian, Mississippi Dozens were on hand at Meridian High School as interim State Superintendent Dr. Lynn House addressed a number of educational concerns in Mississippi, including the implementation of the common core state standards, as well as career and college readiness. It is all designed to make for a better and brighter society.

"This just doesn't effect Meridian," MPSD Superintendent Dr. Alvin Taylor. "It actually effects the whole country because the vast majority of states in the United States will be moving to common core."

"Well, we all need to have an understanding of what we're faced with," LCSD Superintendent Dr. Randy Hodges. "A clear understanding."

Local superintendents tell Newscenter 11 the Common Core State Standards will benefit education in Mississippi greatly because under the new plan, students in Mississippi will be taking the same exams as students in other states where Common Core is used, allowing for academic competition beyond the magnolia state.

"But now, we'll be looking not only at 46 other states, but globally," Hodges points out. "So, we'll see how our students will do compared to other states. I think we'll do extremely well."

"We're working very hard this year on increasing our rigor and protecting instructional time," Taylor explains. "Looking in our classrooms and seeing how effective we are at using instructional time."

Educational leaders say that taking time to discuss educational opportunities beyond high school is critical in order to be prepared for new jobs that will be created in the future. School districts say they are already taking steps to get students thinking about careers through small learning communities centered around specific professions. One thing everyone agrees on parents and students need to be well informed.

"We do a lot of in depth training with parents and community members to help them have an informed voice at the decision making table," according to Becky Glover with Parents for Public Schools.

Newscenter 11 attempted to interview House on Wednesday evening. However, she declined because she was losing her voice. For more on the Common Core State Standards, you can visit