School Resource Officers Receive Added Training

School resource officers are now being trained to be information liaisons with Mississippi Homeland Security.

The sessions at the Meridian Training Facility are intended to create more eyes and ears to alert authorities statewide to terrorism, gangs and other activities that put the public in danger.

This training has also been provided to over 300 Mississippi police officers, deputies, game and fish officers and fire department personnel. This is the first time school resource officers have been included.

"How to assess their schools, on how to look for things at their schools that would be harmful to students, to them and to the faculty," said Steve Williams, information liaison officer with Mississippi Homeland Security. "And it's just an area, a group of officers, that we have not before now actually trained."

Williams says the purpose of this training is to equip key individuals in how to assess and handle confidential data, and make sure it's shared with appropriate agencies statewide.