School is Back in Session in Meridian

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Meridian, Miss. Wednesday marked the first day back for students across Mississippi.

And according to faculty at Magnolia Middle School, the first day couldn't have started any better.

Sixth graders are using period systems for classes, while 7th and 8th graders use the block system.

Either way, students seemed to happy to be back. But it was also a special day for at least one faculty member too.

Sherrod Miller, the assistant principal says, "I was at Meridian High as an assistant principal and assistant basketball coach and I left there in 2007. I went to be principal at Newton High School in 2007 and did that for 5 years. Then I went to be principal at JJ McClain for two years. I am excited to be back in Wildcat country. As always, it’s great to be a Wildcat. So I am glad to be back in Meridian."

Miller says his first day back was filled with smiling faces.

"It's going great. The kids are excited to be back; the teachers are excited to be back. I’m excited to be back. Everyone is just happy to be back. I've never seen so many kids that excited to be in school," Miller said. "I woke up early this morning; my kids woke up at 5. It’s just a general happy atmosphere to be back in school."

With students back in the classroom, it didn't take long for plans to take shape as the middle schools will be getting ready for a big science fair in the early fall.

Amy Grady, who teaches 8th grade math, says, "We are preparing for the science fair. (We'll) probably be ready for science fair late September, beginning of October. All the kids here at Magnolia Middle School will complete a science fair project and we will get ready to compete here locally."