Science Fun Day in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia, Miss. Philadelphia Elementary School hosted a STEM Science Fun Day. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It's interactive, hands-on learning involving children and parents.

Mississippi College professor, Dr. John Hunt and his wife, Catherine, have provided this fun learning opportunity using mostly ordinary objects and materials to over 50,000 Mississippi students and have trained over 5,000 parents to conduct science experiments.

It was a fun way for the students to get excited about science.

There were about 30 experiments set up demonstrating several concepts of physics in a fun way for the students.

Parents, teachers, and high school students volunteered their time to show just how much fun science can be.

"It teaches all of those principles within the science fun day," said organizer and parent Chiquita Jones. "We have physics principles that they are teaching, they are showing them these games but also teaching them the principles behind the games. We are learning about combustion, about pressure, several different concepts that we are learning, and newton's laws. We are having fun and we are loud, we're messy, but its all in the name of science."

Philadelphia Elementary School is the sixth stop of 20 for the STEM program in east Mississippi.