Scooba Looking for Retail Investment

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The town of Scooba has grown by about 16 percent over the last decade, according to the U.S. Census.
Leaders say the community and East Mississippi Community College are in dire need of retail stores.

Scooba officials say they are in desperate need of a retail store such as a Dollar General, Family Dollar, Fred's, or Wal-Mart, to help students at EMCC.

"What we have been doing here to make preparations for any store or business, any type of thing like that, is infrastructure," said Scooba Mayor Allen Beaty. "We've realigned over twenty miles of pipes all over town and we also took in twenty-two homes out of the city limit and put them on sewer."

Residents and students currently have to drive ten to forty miles just to get the supplies they need.

"The community is growing by leaps and bounds," said Andrea Mayfield, VP for EMCC's Scooba campus. "We are always working here at the college to increase enrollment, it increases every semester and we need to provide services to our students.

Beaty says at this time the town has ninety loads of gravel to be placed in a newly renovated lagoon as part of its infrastructure improvements..

Students at EMCC are hoping that the town of Scooba gets a retail store in very soon.

"I think it would be very important because we wouldn't have to drive to DeKalb or Meridian, or anywhere, we could just go right down the road," said EMCC student Hunter Worrell.

"Yes, it is important that people get something," said student Christina Sciple.

"I think bringing a Wal-Mart or any other kind of store to Scooba would be great because it would be not only beneficial for the students here at Scooba, at EMCC, but for the community," said student Megan Reynolds.

The students say they are concerned because of needing the necessities such as toiletries, food, and school supplies.

"It's extremely important to the economics of the town of Scooba, and additionally, it's important to our students and the local community," said Mayfield. "So it's important that our residents are able to access the things that they need."

Officials say they are ready and have property at Highways 45 and 16.