Scott County Superintendent, School Board Resign

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Jackson, Miss.

Gov. Phil Bryant is declining to clear the way for a takeover of the Scott County school systems after the school board and superintendent, Bingham Moncrief, agreed to resign.
The resignations are effective Feb. 28.

Bryant is expected to name new school board members, who in turn will name a new superintendent. Special elections for a new school board and superintendent will occur at a later date.

The resignations came after the state Board of Education asked Bryant to declare a state of emergency.

A takeover would have meant sports teams, including the girls' basketball team led by star Victoria Vivians, couldn't compete for state championships.

“This course of action protects the interests of students in this B-rated district who, under a declaration of emergency, would have been affected by loss of school accreditation and curtailment of extracurricular activities,” Bryant said. “However, let me be perfectly clear: if the superintendent or the board take any improper or retaliatory action before the effective date of their resignations, the only option will be immediate takeover of the district.”

The resignations allow the school district, in cooperation with the Mississippi Department of Education, to correct the accreditation issues the State Board of Education and the Commission on Accreditation identified last week.