Search Still Underway for Missing Man

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Greene County, Ala. It's been two weeks since a man went missing in Greene County and authorities are still asking for help in locating Kevin Jamal Gray. The 42 year old who was currently living in Huntsville was involved in a crash on the evening of March 9th and hasn't been seen since then. Mrs. Roshanda Gray, who is the husband of the missing man has been taking it hard and just hasn't been herself lately.

"I'm feeling lost, I don't know where he is and that's the hard part, you don't know," said Gray.

The accident happened off Alabama Highway 14 and Greene County Road 53 and came to rest in the Black Warrior River. Kevin's brother Brian was able to escape the accident, but there are still no signs of Kevin. His wife believes that now he could be almost anywhere.

"He's never gone for longer that one day and you know if there's no evidence in the water, he could have drifted down to Demopolis," said Gray.

Since the search started for Kevin, the Army Corps of Engineers has searched 40 miles of waterway area and the Alabama State Police have searched 15 miles of waterway. The Greene County Sheriff Jonathan Benison tells us that the area searched in the Black Warrior river was 42 feet deep. Benison says he's just ready to find the family some peace.

"I want to do anything we can to please the family and anything that comes before me, as the Sheriff of Greene County, I will try to do that," said Sheriff Benison. "I want this family to end this here and come to some closure so they can get on with their daily lives."

Fliers are being distributed all across different parts of Alabama in hopes that some new information will surface.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Kevin Gray, you can call the Greene County Sheriff's Department at 205-373-3242. A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the location of Gray.