Information Sought on Burglary Suspects

Lauderdale County authorities are releasing surveillance video they hope will lead to the arrests of two suspects. Both are accused of burglarizing Mathis Convenience Store on Valley Road. The burglary happened around midnight Wednesday.

"I just have a hunch that somebody's going to know who these guys are and that we're going to get some calls,"says Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun. His confidence is due to the clarity of the surveillance video, and the amount of time that the suspects spent inside the store.

"They were in the store approximately 17 minutes. There was no alarm that went off, so they were undetected in the store. The store was only discovered to have been burglarized the next morning."

Once the store opened the following day, it was discovered that a large sum of money and cigarettes had been stolen.

"They're probably friends. They probably hang out together," says Calhoun.

At one point during the burglary, one of the suspects appeared to get hot and in response opened the jacket or sweater that he was wearing. Because the surveillance video was captured at night, authorities say colors are not clear and the only definite thing they can determine about the two suspects is that one is noticeably taller than the other.

"We hope somebody out there in the community is going to recognize their build and the manner that they move and that they'll call the Crimestoppers number."

All calls are anonymous. A cash reward of up to $1,000 is being offered in the case.

"So, I want to encourage anyone out there that believes they can recognize these two individuals to call Crimestoppers because it's kind of like being at the ice cream store, 'First come, first served.' So, who gets us that information is the one that gets the money," says Calhoun.

The phone number for Crimestoppers in Lauderdale County is (601) 485-1860.