Second Flasher Victim Speaks

Lauderdale County, Miss. Another victim of the Lauderdale County flasher says she had just left Walmart on March 25 shortly after midnight and gotten on the Interstate, when she realized there was a truck tailing her closely. But his pursuit quickly became dangerous.

"If I would speed up, he sped up. If I slowed down, he slowed down. I was in the ditch in the right side, if I got in the other lane, he would be right there swerving, and I kept going from side to side," the victim says.

The victim says the chase continued for awhile, often forcing her off the road and putting both her and her pursuer in danger of a nearby 18-wheeler. He finally flew past her. While she took the opportunity to call 911, he pulled off the road.

"When I got even with it, he jumped out and didn't have any clothes on. It looked like he had a flashlight shining it on himself so you could see," she explains.

She says ever since the incident she's been much more aware of her surroundings, constantly watching out for trucks near her.

"Ever since then, every truck that passes, it doesn't matter what kind of truck it is, I'm looking at the back of it. It's definitely scary. It makes you think, what's his next move going to be? Eventually, he's going to get tired of this, he's goin to take the next step of something worse," she says.

And her advice to any others who find themselves in a similar situation: stay calm, don't go home, and call 911.

"Even if you're not sure whether someone's following you, I would call 911 immediately. I think maybe I waited a little too long, but when you're in that situation, that's not anything in your mind. You're just worried about staying on the road. But keep your cool, definitely," she says.

The suspect is believed to be driving a late model, four-door Chevy pickup. The victim describes the flasher as a white male,
medium-build and clean-shaven.