Secretary of State to Monitor Municipal Elections

Meridian, Miss. Mississippi's secretary of state visited Meridian Monday to encourage people to vote in Tuesday's elections. The secretary of state oversees Mississippi's elections.

Delbert Hosemann also said his office will have poll watchers in Meridian and about 20 cities.

He said observers from his office follow a check list to try to make sure that elections are fair and no eligible voter is impeded from casting their ballot.

"It includes, were the polls opened on time? Was there voter intimidation? Were there signs too close to the polling? Were the disabled able to get in to cast their ballots without struggle? We have a whole list of things that we go through," said Hosemann. "And we follow it from the opening of the polls all the way through the closing of the polls and then down to city hall for the final count."

According to the secretary of state's office, about 900 absentee ballots have been submitted for Meridian's general election. Hosemann says the other 21,000-plus registered voters should perform their civic duty Tuesday.