Senate Candidates Working Toward November

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Jackson, Miss. Whether it's a campaign stop or appearance at an event, the U.S. Senate candidates in Mississippi are trying to take advantage of every opportunity to show their faces.

Sen. Thad Cochran was part of a groundbreaking ceremony in Flowood Wednesday. He has been back on the campaign bus making rounds across the state during the Senate's summer break.

"People are beginning to realize we're getting towards the end of the campaign season, but we still have a ways to go," Cochran said.

Meanwhile, the saga of Cochran versus Chris McDaniel isn't over. Special judge Hollis McGehee will take up new motions in the election challenge Thursday. Cochran's attorneys have filed a motion asking the case be dismissed. Cochran didn't go into much detail when asked about it.

"I'm satisfied that justice will be done," said Cochran. "I have faith in the judicial system and our state to make good solid decisions."

The state election commissioners have approved the November ballots that include Thad Cochran, Democrat Travis Childers and Reform Party candidate Shawn O'Hara. As Childers campaigns, he's trying to position himself as the reasonable choice.

"We have to leave all of this hatefulness alone and all of this divisiveness," said Childers. "Somewhere along the way we lost just courteousness."

There have been questions of whether McDaniel supporters would be willing to turnout in November if McDaniel isn't successful in his election challenge. But Cochran believes he can win the general election.

"We welcome all the supporters who want to ensure that we do the best thing we can for the future of our state," Cochran said. "And that's our commitment, to work for the state and not just individual egos of political activists."

As long as the case isn't dismissed Thursday, the judge plans to start the election challenge trial Sept. 16.
He will allow more than two weeks for proceedings.