Dutschke Sentenced on State Charges

James Everett Dutschke
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Jackson, Miss.

A Mississippi man who sent letters dusted with the poison ricin to President Barack Obama, U. S. Sen. Roger Wicker and Mississippi judge, Sadie Holland, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison on unrelated state charges of fondling three martial arts students.

James Everett Dutschke was sentenced Tuesday in Lee County Circuit Court.

District Attorney Trent Kelley says Dutschke was ordered to serve 20 years on the fondling charges at the same time he's spending 25 years in federal prison on the ricin letter charges. That's followed by a 25-year suspended sentence. He was ordered to register as a sex offender once he's released.

Dutschke pleaded guilty in January to state charges of inappropriately touching three students at his martial arts studio in Tupelo. He was sentenced on federal charges May 19 by U.S. District Judge Sharion Aycock after pleading guilty.