Senior Citizens Receive Holiday Cheer

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Meridian, Miss. One local church helped spread some holiday cheer on Christmas day.

The Community Outreach Church of Meridian wanted to make sure that senior citizens in our area would have a merry Christmas as well. Church members stopped by and handed out 150 fruit baskets to the residents of three area nursing homes. They were Meridian Convalescence Center, Queen City Nursing Home and the Oaks Rehabilitation Center. They sang Christmas carols to the residents just to add a little extra something to their day.

"This is how we spend our Christmas. To me, this is what I always remember about Christmas; always giving back to the community, giving back to our residents. My mother was once a resident of a nursing facility, so its always good just to go back, and to give back to the seniors who paved the way for us. This is my Christmas, this is what we love, and this is what I'm trying to teach my kids, that it's not just all about us having a good time. It's about being around our seniors and showing them that someone still cares and someone still loves them," said Pastor Samuel Merriweather of Community Outreach Church.

The faces of the seniors lit up with joy while listening to the Christmas songs.