Sessions Visits Gilbertown Clinic

Gilbertown, Ala. Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions visited the western part of the state Thursday to meet with constituents and visit a local health care facility.

Sessions spent time at Franklin Primary Health Center in Gilbertown, which serves both the medical and dental needs of that community.

Sessions said Franklin is meeting the health care needs of a wide rural area, and it's well-run.

"These rural clinics are a very important part of health care in America," Sessions said. "You know, it's something that has bipartisan support. Frankly, I think we might have done a lot better had we invested more and worked more to utilize these clinics than the big changes that we've seen in health care today that's not working well."

"We avoided the sequester just this past time and he was one of the supporters of that, to make sure community health centers, of course, receive funding without being cut," said Franklin CEO Charles White.

White says the federally-qualified clinic serves patients regardless of their ability to pay.

Franklin has 15 locations in Mobile, Baldwin and Choctaw counties.