Severe Weather Highlights Need for Storm Shelters

Lauderdale County, Miss.
Severe weather reminds residents that storm shelters and safe rooms are an option for safety.

Whether it's tornadoes or hurricanes, there's usually a spike in shelter sales after the damage is already done.

A local dealer says he got into the business as a result of seeking an shelter for his own family and now sells and installs above- or below-ground shelters built of steel.

Patrick Allen says the structures can come with many features such as televisions, lights, fans and bunk beds, and have been tested against the worst conditions.

"These are built and tested for 700-mile an hour winds, as well as they were tested at Texas Tech University at the Wind and Science Institute, and certified for an F-5, 250-mile an hour tornado," said Allen.

Allen installs shelters in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana.