Public Advised to Check Sex Offender Registry

Lauderdale County, Miss. Law enforcement has a problem with sex offenders who fail to register their residence, as required by law.

Paul Selensky, III, is a convicted sex offender from Alabama arrested Thursday in Lauderdale County after sheriff's investigators say he failed to register his whereabouts multiple times.

There are 229 registered sex offenders in Lauderdale County and they have strict guidelines they are supposed to follow as soon as they leave jail.

Every offender must continually report changes in things like employment, vehicles and any residence of at least seven days.

"Every month, we're out doing compliance checks to make sure that they are staying where they report they are staying at," said Sheriff Billy Sollie. "And when we go out and find that they are not staying there, then that's when the warrant is generated for their arrest."

Any violation may mean up to five years in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Selensky's punishment has yet to be set. However, Sollie says that type of non-compliance isn't especially common in our area lately.

"We've had way over 100 cases where sex offenders have been non-compliant with their registration, but then 2012 to now, it's like 15," Sollie said.

Which is a good thing if you want to know who and where the sex offenders are.

If you're worried about sex offenders in your area, there's one easy way to check. Either by location or by name, you can find out that information with the click of a button.

The state registry shows everything from photos to aliases. But you should also check the national registry.

"So you need to check the Mississippi Registry for sex offenders as well as the national because people can come here from other places, and they do, and live right next to you and you don't know," said Ginger Grissom, executive director of Wesley House, which counsels victims of sexual violence.

Grissom encourages you to get to know those around you. Investigators often catch these sex offender violations through the help of watchful neighbors.

Click the links below to view the Mississippi or Alabama Sex Offender Registry.