Sexual Battery Arrest

A Kemper County man is being charged with committing a sex crime against his daughter.

It was on March 3rd at 1:15 in the morning when authorities were called to the home of Roosevelt Griffin's girlfriend in the Jerusalem community near the Lauderdale County line. During the call Griffin's girlfriend told authorities that the 46-year-old was raping his daughter.

"This is a bad thing. To add insult to injury, that is his 14-year-old biological daughter," says Kemper County Sheriff James Moore.

Initially Griffin was facing a simple assault charge. However, after an extensive investigation, Sheriff Moore says the charge has been upgraded.

"Sexual battery in this case is the charge because he was a person of trust and the biological father," said Moore. "He had custody of her and it carries a more serious sentence."

Currently, Griffin is facing one count for sexual battery. An investigation is also underway to determine whether or not there should be more charges against him for similar activity.

"Not only are we investigating Mr. Griffin," says Moore, "but there are other people who are being investigated at this time. So, the investigation is ongoing."

Griffin made an initial appearance before a judge Tuesday. At that time bond for him was set at $25,000. His case is expected to be presented to the next Kemper County grand jury in April. If found guilty, Griffin could face up to 25 years in prison.