Shelby Talks Saturday Mail Delivery

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U.S. Senator Richard Shelby says he is not necessarily in favor of the decision to discontinue Saturday mail service.

However, Shelby is quick to point out that Congress has no control over the Postal Service. Last week, the U.S. Postal Service said that beginning in August, it will only deliver mail five days a week, citing financial reasons for the decision to end Saturday service. In a move that is expected to save $2 billion a year, only packages will be delivered on Saturday's and not letters or magazines.

"You know, they are going to move social security down the road, for example, to electronic banking so to speak," Senator Shelby said. "They are going to make a deposit in your bank account, electronically. It won't be sent through the mail."

The Postal Service says it has seen an increase in package delivery in recent years because of online shopping, but says letter delivery has dropped significantly because of e-mail.