Shirts for Candi Dunlap

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After the news of Candi Dunlap's release from a Macedonian jail on Wednesday, red ribbons started going up all over town, but there's another way to financially support Candi and her family. One of Candi's good friends, Yvette Boyd, decided she needed to do something to raise awareness and money.

"We decided to do the t-shirts just a fundraiser for Marc and Candi, and so that when she comes back everybody would have a shirt to wear so she could see how much support she had through Meridian, and it has been an overwhelming response."

Many people stopped by this afternoon to pick up their shirts, and Mitchell Signs, who is selling the shirts, is gladly overwhelmed with orders.

"I decided to buy some shirts to support Candi. She is a former coworker, a nurse, and I just wanted to show my support and donate to the cause to help bring her back home," said Kim Eldridge, one of Candi's friends and former coworkers.

The shirts are available in all different sizes and colors, and feature a verse many people looked to while Candi was jailed.

Andree Ortego with Mitchell Companies says that "If you ordered by October 12th you can pick up your shirts today at Mitchell Companies. If you ordered by October 19th, you can pick up the shirts on November 6th, preferably after lunch."

If you want to purchase a shirt, you can do so at using the access code "Candi". You can also give via Fundrazr on the Prayers for Candi Facebook page, or in person at any Citizen's National Bank branch.