Shooting Investigation Continues

No charges have been filed yet in a weekend incident in Lauderdale County that ended in the shooting of a local man.

Investigators say it happened about 2 a.m. Sunday near Promise Acres Road and Morgan Road. They say two men tried to get into a home there, and after a verbal altercation, a female at the residence shot one of them in the leg.

The woman also allegedly shot the suspects' car. The two men were discovered on the side of the road not long after the shooting.

"At this point and time, the investigation is ongoing,"said Calhoun. "Investigators are looking at the evidence that we have to make a decision on what the appropriate charges would be, if any, to file against either party. "

Authorities say the shooter and the two men all knew one another. The man who was shot was treated at a local hospital. The other man was arrested for driving under the influence.