Shooting Suspect in Custody, Leads to More Arrests

Meridian, Miss. Meridian police say a concerned citizen told them where they could find the shooter of the Waste Pro employee from Oct. 31. But they got even more than they bargained for when they arrived . Monday morning, the MPD's S.W.A.T. team, detectives and narcotic agents arrived at a house on 33rd Avenue in search of the suspect. As soon as they got there, several men outside the house ran away.

"It's my understanding that when they pulled up on the block, the suspect took off running, and several other guys took off running," Lt. John Griffith of the MPD said. "The whole incident led to the suspect's arrest plus about three other misdemeanor charges."

The MPD says when individuals run away as soon as they see police officers, that's generally a reason to be suspicious. When they took off after the men, they found them in possession of marijuana.

"They did take the suspect into custody, and they also made several misdemeanor drug arrests along with him while they were process of taking him into custody. And also some other misdemeanor arrests," Lt. Griffith explained.

Although the preliminary investigation revealed two men were shooting at the Waste Pro employee, police say they now believe this individual was the only one firing.

"The initial investigation was two, but it looks like as the investigation has developed, it's probably just going to be the one shooter in the incident, and I think they've got one other person they're talking to, but I'm not sure if there will be any charges on them or not," Griffith said.

The MPD is not yet releasing the suspect's name, as charges are pending. But they expect he will be facing charges for attempted murder.