Shooting Suspect to be Charged with Murder

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Meridian, Miss. Meridian detectives say they are still trying to figure out exactly what motivated one man to allegedly shoot another man on Thursday.

Investigators do tell Newscenter 11 the two knew each other prior to the shooting. Detective Dareall Thompson says Darious Williams shot Luther Graham in the lower back about 4:00 Thursday afternoon in the 3200 block of 17th street and then ran over Graham with Graham's own car. Graham was taken to the hospital, but died just before 10:00 Thursday night. Now, Williams is facing a murder charge.

"Just like the witness called it in, constantly keep calling it in," Det. Thompson says. "Because we probably wouldn't have located the suspect, but due to the fact that the eyewitness stayed on the phone with 911 and gave us a description of the suspect, where the suspect was running, we were able to capture the suspect."

Lauderdale County sheriff's deputies assisted Meridian police officers in capturing the suspect. Officers arrived on the shooting scene just two minutes after the shooting happened.

Williams is currently in the Lauderdale County Detention Facility. He has already been charged with possession of a controlled substance.