Shooting Under Investigation

Newton, Miss. Newton police are investigating a shooting incident shortly after 2 a.m. Sunday.

Police Chief Harvey Curry said a large group of people were gathered outside the Chevron on Highway 15 when shots were fired, but apparently no one was struck.

Curry said 20-year-old Sherrod Shavon of Louisville, Miss., was badly injured, but a doctor says Shavon was not shot. The chief said Shavon is in intensive care at University Medical Center in Jackson.

Curry says the trouble started with a party held earlier at the National Guard Armory.

"Some say it was in reference to somebody wanted to race. Some say that it's throwing bottles at the other one's vehicle," Curry said. "But like I say, we're still investigating it. We're still investigating. Got a lot of people to interview."

Curry says people from out-of-town are renting buildings for parties and that's leading to trouble in Newton, which he says is a safe place to live.

Anyone with information about the Sunday morning shooting is asked to report it to Newton police at 601-683-2041.