Shooting Victim's Family Wants Answers

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The scene outside of Young Beauty and Fashion Supply on the evening of January 22nd was chaotic. The business owner was robbed and then shot as he walked to his car from the store. About 4 weeks later, he is still recovering and family members have come from out of town to help out. One of those family members is his Brother-in-Law Ken Canup.

"My wife and I, as soon as the shooting happened, we drove over from Columbus, Georgia to be with my wife's Brother-in-Law. We have been working and trying to take care of his business."

Canup expects to be here for another 2 to 3 months as his Brother-in-Law undergoes physical therapy. He has been doing some investigating, and turned 2 names over to police. After not hearing back he went and spoke with Assistant Police Chief Buck Roberts a week and a half ago, but hasn't gotten any new information since.

"He assured me that he would get with the Captain from the CID and that he would get some answers for me. Well here's today, and I still have no answers."

With the shooting almost a month old now, Canup is still in the dark as to where the investigation stands. He says that investigators have promised an update, but have not not yet delivered, and he, along with other family members want answers.

"I would like some feedback and answers as to what is going on. What are they doing in this case? I just want to know what they are doing. What is going on? At this point, I don't think anything is going on."

Meridian Police say that they are still investigating the case and that it remains open at this time.