Shooting Victim's Relative Speaks

Meridian, Mississippi Meridian Police have said that little is known about a shooting victim who showed up at local emergency room on Thursday. However, a relative of the victim says he knows plenty.

"Probably within two hours of the accident happening, I had the gentleman's name that shot, I had the road that he lived on and I even had his phone number," said the victim's relative, who wishes to remain anonymous.

The day of the shooting, he called the detective with information. He said the detective called him back the first time, but when he tried to continue to contact police as he acquired more detailed and accurate information, but the process became frustrating.

"I tried to call the police department and talk to a detective. It's an automated system, and if you don't hit the right button, it'll hang up on you," he said. "I got upset and went to the police department."

After a long wait, he said he was only able to speak to someone after saying a few choice words and getting up to leave. The next time he had more information on the shooter, his calls were never returned. He said to his knowledge, nothing has been done with the information he provided.

"The only thing I didn't do was bring the gentleman down to the police department in my vehicle," said the relative.

His relative says the victim was involved in gang-related activity, and the shooting occurred over a drug deal in the Highway 19 Walmart parking lot. He's concerned the police department is not giving the case much priority since it's a gang related crime, but he's worried if they don't future retaliation could hurt some other innocent bystander.

"When you have children, wives, husbands and grandparents going to a public place and you have drug deals going on and stuff like that, it's very dangerous, and they should pursue that with everything you have," he said.

He says he wants people to know where the crime occurred so they can keep their families safe.

Newscenter 11 reached out to the Meridian Police Department for comment on this story. MPD would not issue a response.