Shots Fired Into Meridian Home

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"I had just fallen asleep and I heard the Pow Pow Pow."

At first Sandra Bolden wasn't quite sure what those booms were, but as she ran to the front of her house to check on her children, they all soon realized what had just happened.

"After that we went to the door and we saw the bullet hole in my husband's truck outside, that's when we knew bullets had been fired, so that's when my husband got up and went outside to look at his truck. There's maybe 13 or 14 holes in his truck."

Two of Ms. Bolden's sons were very lucky they hadn't gone to sleep yet when bullets came flying through a window right over her 17 year old's bed."

"A bullet went through my baby's bed and his mattress in that room, from his mattress to the heater, and that was really scary when I saw that because it could have hit the pipe behind the heater."

Lieutenant Dean Harper with the Meridian Police says that this will be a tough case to solve given the seemingly random nature of the shooting.

"We're analyzing some of the evidence we collected and determining whether or not we can move forward in this case based on that information."

Ms. Bolden has one final message for the people responsible.

"I wish those guys wouldn't do that to me again because I didn't have anything to do with whatever they're shooting at, and whatever they're looking for at my house, trust me, it's not here, so please don't do that anymore."