Shots Fired into Meridian Man's Home

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Meridian, Miss. A Meridian man is grateful no one was hurt after he says he discovered bullet holes in three of his windows.

Looking at the windows on Mike Pompelia's home on Highland Avenue, you would never know anything happened here. But on Tuesday night, Pompelia tells Newscenter 11 he was sleeping when someone fired three shots into the windows.

"Well at first, it was disbelief that there were gunshot holes in my glass, in my house, that someone had shot in my house," Pompelia says.

Pompelia says thankfully he was not in the room where the shots were fired. He tells us it must have been a powerful gun that fired the shots though based on the fact the bullets when through two layers of glass.

"Actually, I had broken some glass in the house earlier in the week and cleaned it up, but thought that it just didn't get all of it up," Pompelia recalls.

He says he called Meridian Police, who referred to the incident as vandalism. MPD says that's because no rounds were recovered inside of the house and no casings were found outside. Pompelia says given the seriousness of the incident, he is hesitant to refer to it as vandalism.

"It could have been a travesty though if someone had been in either of those rooms in the front of my house," he feels.

It is believed the shots came from an abandoned property across the street. For years, Pompelia says he and his neighbors have been trying to get someone to clean the property up.

"I guess I'll have to put a camera facing that property so I can monitor that property and my own," he adds. "I think it's a shame I have to monitor my property and someone else's."

The Meridian Police Department also tells Newscenter 11 it will be glad to send an investigator back to the scene if Pompelia would like the department to investigate the gunshots further.