Shriners Raise Money for Charity

Meridian, Miss. The Hamasa Shriners are continuing a long tradition.

The organization is selling bags of Vidalia onions to benefit its transportation fund.

The Shriners are well-known for the assistance they offer to children who suffer burns and spinal cord damage and other severe medical conditions.

The money raised through efforts like the onion sale supports a program to get those children to hospitals in Shreveport and Galveston.

"A fully-equipped van with doctors and nurses if need be," said member Roy Alexander. "And that van is not cheap. And the operating costs of it is quite immense and sometimes we even have to charter a plane to carry some of the kids in emergencies."

The cost for a bag of Vidalia onions is $10. The Shriners make about $2 profit on each bag that goes to the transportation fund.

Look for the Shriners during the day at 8th Street and 26th Avenue.