Silent Auction Raises Money for Meridian Museum of Art

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Meridian, Miss. The Meridian Museum of Art hosted a special fundraiser Saturday to raise money for the museum.

There was a silent auction where people could bid on their favorite works of art. Multiple categories were on hand, including fabric pastels. Not only was there art, but there was also food and drinks. The museum's executive director, Kate Cherry, says it's always a treat to be able to gather and appreciate the variety of artwork.

"We're having the closing ceremony for four exhibits," Cherry explains. "The 23rd Eagles Choice art competition, East Flags in the Wind, the Niceness Foundation. They had seven categories, so we did have first, second, and third and honorable mentions in those categories."

The museum also hosted an exhibit of Freedom Summer earlier this year. David Goslem and Neil Hatton are just two of the people who received first place.