Similar Robberies in Meridian

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It may have been a holiday weekend, but Meridian Police were working overtime on Saturday as three separate robbery cases were opened. Each one was strikingly similar.

"There was never a weapon displayed," says Mike Vick with MPD, describing each case, " a 6'2", black male, came in and took the cash drawer, or either took the cash out of the drawer...and we're following leads."

Apart from those three robberies over the course of several hours Saturday, there was also a similar incident Thursday night in Meridian, when the Family Dollar on 8th Street was robbed.

"The descriptions are similar in nature," says Vick, "and the methodology, the M.O. as everybody refers to is also similar."

Vick says detectives are working all of these similar cases, and they are hoping at least some of the leads they are working on lead to an arrest.