Simulator Instructor Addresses Optimists

The Meridian Downtown Optimist Club hosted a guest from NAS Meridian at its Tuesday meeting.

Vic Roman is an instructor on flight simulators for Fidelity Technologies.

Simulators are studied during the first 6 weeks of activity for student pilots after they arrive at NAS for intermediate training.

During that time, Roman says the pilots learn all aspects of the aircraft from an engineering standpoint.

"It's important for groups like this to hear about what's going on at Naval air Station Meridian and what we do, because a lot of folks don't know the magnitude of what goes on at the base," said Roman. "From a level of operations, from the sheer numbers that we have going to Meridian and the type of clientele that are coming here affect the local economy."

Roman says only after student pilots complete training on the simulators are they able to move to training in actual T-45 aircraft.