Singing Christmas Tree Preview

Meridian, Miss. Highland Baptist Church in Meridian is ready to kick off its 29th Annual Singing Christmas Tree Thursday.

The 60 singers prepared with a dress rehearsal Wednesday night. The show runs from December 5th through 8th with shows starting at 7 p.m. each night and shows on Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m. Tickets are free, but they need to be picked up at the church's office or Harry Mayer's Clothiers. The church's music director chose the "Prince of Peace" as the theme for this year's performance.

"I based it on that because there's so much grief, heartache, and disappointment and discouragement. The only way we can have peace in our lives is to know personally the Prince of Peace, so we're celebrating musically the birth of the Prince of Peace," said Franklin Denham, the minister of music at Highland Baptist Church.

If you want to see how the tree was set up, you can go to and view the construction of the tree.