'Sinkhole Concerns?'

Concerns are being raised about what some fear could be a sinkhole in Meridian. The area is located at the corner of 48th. Avenue and 9th. Street. Some residents who live in that area are worried about the hole which is expanding. Currently, it's on private property, but extending quickly toward the street.

"When I last saw it I was like, 'Oh, it's gotten bigger,'"says Andrea Walker. For 60 years she has lived in the same house on the same street in Meridian, and she says never has she seen a hole like the one that has formed in the ground two doors down from her house.

"It hadn't been a very big hole; if you stepped in it you knew it was a hole, but from the last big rains we've had it's gotten bigger like a sinkhole! I'm not trying to get anybody in trouble or anything like that."

Andrea Walker says her concern is that the hole has become significantly larger within a short amount of time. In fact, she contends that within the last two months the opening went from being a rather small hole to branching out toward a ditch near 48th. Avenue.

"I'm thinking that maybe it's going to continue out there to the street or cave in one day when people are driving out here or something," says Walker.

Other residents who live along the street are also expressing concerns.

"The first hole wasn't that large," says Melvin Mosley. "Now we have a middle hole and now you have a third hole which is washing out to the ditch, and if it keeps heavy raining like it's doing, it's going to constantly wash on out to the street."

Melvin Mosley has lived at his current residence along 48th Avenue for more than a year. Speculating that the opening is caused by a drainage problem, he's calling it a hazard.

"You don't really know how deep it is and it can be softer than you realize when you get in it; it could be like quick sand because of all of the heavy rain. The kids could be playing up there and one of them could drop off in the hole and not realize how deep it is and how soft that it is. If it's a small kid, you wouldn't ever know that the kid is in there until you hear them."

As the hole on private property extends closer to the public roadway, both Andrea Walker and Melvin Mosley are calling on city officials to address the problem before it's too late.

'It is concerning! It is concerning, and it needs to be looked at by the city of Meridian, " says Mosley. "It's coming out toward the street and it needs to be looked at immediately. This doesn't need to go no further!"

Newscenter 11 contacted the Meridian Public Works Department Friday morning for a response to the citizens concerns. When we called the public works director was not in the office. We have since called his office again, but as of noon city officials had not responded.