Six Charged in Jail Incident

Meridian, Miss. Several inmates have now been formally charged with instigating a riot at the Lauderdale County Jail Saturday night.

Charges were filed by the sheriff's department against: 18-year-old Jaquis Reed, 28-year-old Damion Collins, 21-year-old Devon Perry, 22-year-old Charles Brock, 22-year-old Montrell Croft, and 22-year-old Brad Johnson.

Police say they were the instigators and most aggressive participants.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie says, although as many as 90 inmates were released from their cells, the outbreak was contained to the C-pod of the jail.

Charges related to the incident include arson, escape, simple assault on a police officer and aiding escape.

Two who were very aggressive in their escape attempts were charged with escape, Reed and Perry. Brock was charged with arson. Croft and Johnson were charged with aiding escape. Collins was charged with simple assault on a police officer, a felony.

These charges add to the inmates' already long list of crime.

"These individuals are already here on felony charges," said Sollie. "These charges are added on to what they are currently being held for, to try for. So we do not anticipate these individuals being out of jail any time soon."

These inmates' records range from crimes of possession of stolen firearms, drive-by shootings and murder.

Sheriff Sollie says overcrowding within the facility played a big part in the incident.

The board of supervisors and county administrator are working to determine more long-term solutions.

Perry is facing charges in a pair of violent incidents over the last several months, including the murder of Rocderickus Bourdeaux, who was shot and killed last year outside a club. Perry was also one of seven people charged in a shooting outside an apartment complex earlier this year.

Croft was in jail awaiting trial in a high profile case. "G Money", as he's called, is one of two people charged in the 2012 shooting of a then 10-month-old baby and his mother. The mother was pushing a stroller outside an apartment complex last December. Both victims have recovered.

Reed was being held for possession of cocaine and accessory after-the-fact, and simple assault on an officer.

Brock was being held for possession of a stolen firearm and carrying a concealed weapon by a felon.

Johnson was held for possession of marijuana 2nd offense, shooting into a vehicle, and simple assault causing bodily injury.

Collins was being held for shooting into a dwelling, felony possession of a firearm, and contempt of court.

Jaquis Kavon Reed