Slots Seized from Several Businesses

Meridian, Mississippi Meridian Police say they seized several slot machines from local businesses on Thursday.

Multiple officers could be seen outside of Nick's Bar on 23rd Avenue around noon. Investigators say they removed a total of nine slot machines from that business. Police tell Newscenter 11 they also took slots from Eddie's Grocery on 5th Street and from the Suds Laundromat on 5th Street. Captain Dean Harper says information from the public led to these raids.

"Pretty much just fed up with the illegal activity going on," Harper says. "That information comes in to us, we do an investigation on it, and we basically walk in the front door. What some people don't realize is the mere possession of a slot machine in the state of Mississippi is against the law."

The MPD says these people were arrested for possession of a gambling machine: Debbie Reid, 58, of Elton Joyner Road; Amy Pace, 35, of Manning Street; Nathaniel Wood of Country Club Drive; and Chad Nicholson, 30, of Officer's Lake Road.

Harper says similar raids will be taking place in the near future.