Snow Leaves Behind Excitement, Travel Troubles

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The snowfall did not last long, but it had quite an impact on people across our area.

A snow day turned into a snowball fight for some local kids on Thursday. While there may not have been a lot of snow, there was just enough accumulated on cars to make for some good old fashioned fun.

"I think it's amazing because I haven't seen snow in about five or ten years," Antonio Bender said. "The last time I seen snow was when I was very little."

Once daylight rolled around, the snow really started coming down, caking on everything, including picnic tables and trees.

Meanwhile, it wasn't all fun and games in parts of our area. Some bridges and overpasses quickly became treacherous, forcing MDOT to take action. Newscenter 11 also received reports of cars in ditches. LEMA Director David Sharp said drivers need to be careful on Thursday night and Friday morning.

Right now, Okatibee Lake is a lot higher than usual, but Sharp said it's nowhere near the danger level.

"So, what they're doing is holding the water here to keep it from being released and making things worse down stream," he explained.

Sunny and dry weather should help to lower the lake level.