Snowden Agrees Court Should Rule

Rep. Greg Snowden of Meridian says he supports the decision of state Republican Party chairman, Joe Nosef, to bypass hearing the challenge to the June primary run-off election.

Snowden serves on the executive committee of the Mississippi Republican Party, which is the group asked to hear state Sen. Chris McDaniel's challenge to U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran's win.

Snowden says state laws and committee rules made it impractical to believe the committee could have performed such a task.

"There's a ten-day period after the time it's filed; that's the deadline for going to court. Under our rules as a committee, we couldn't even meet for seven days, because we have to give notice," said Snowden. "Essentially, it would have given us one day to have an evidentiary hearing, to get witnesses, hear testimony, sort through documents. It just literally could not be done in a fair way. "

Snowden says the Mississippi Supreme Court will now appoint a judge to hear the case. The real challenge, he says, is for the courts to resolve the matter in time for the November election.