Snowden Expects Special Session

Lauderdale County's Council of Governments got a report Monday on the ending of the Mississippi legislative session.

State Rep. Greg Snowden told the group that lot was accomplished but the funding of the Medicaid program is still unresolved.

The Republican from District 83 says House Democrats voted four times against continuing Medicaid as it currently exists, because they wanted it expanded.

But Snowden says the end result of that will be no Medicaid program at all as of July 1, unless something changes in a special session.

"I hope people will come to their senses and understand that any issue about the possible expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act needs to wait until we have more information," said Snowden. "We don't have the information we need out of the federal government yet. They have not promulgated regulations on dish payments and other things that we're going to have to know before we make an informed decision on expanding the program. We're not going to have that between now and July 1."

Snowden said the only option is to reauthorize the current Medicaid program. He said he believes Gov. Bryant will have to call a special session at some point.