Snowden Reacts to Judge Blocking Open-Carry Law

Meridian, Mississippi Just when it seemed like Mississippi's new open-carry law was a done deal, then came news a state judge was blocking the law.

The law would have allowed gun owners in Mississippi the right to openly carry weapons on a holster without a permit. Local representative Greg Snowden says the move came as a complete surprise to some lawmakers. In fact, he says the media actually appeared to have more notice.

Circuit Judge Winston Kidd granted a temporary restraining order on this law at the request of a Hinds County district attorney. Kidd says the law's wording is vague and it must be stopped to prevent irreparable harm. However, lawmakers say this open-carry law does not actually expand any laws, it only more clearly defines what is already in place.

According to Representative Greg Snowden, that means this judge is challenging the state constitution and without much time to spare.

"It was given with only 15 minutes notice to the Attorney General," Snowden says. "In fact, the Attorney General has said when he got there to defend the lawsuit on 15 minutes notice, the media was already there. So, whoever filed the lawsuit gave more notice to the media than they did to the Attorney General."

A judge will hear the injunction at a preliminary hearing on July 8th. However, the Supreme Court may have the opportunity to weigh in on this lawsuit before then.