Snowden on Medicaid

Meridian, Miss. It appears that it will come down to the last minute, but state Rep. Greg Snowden says he believes Mississippi's Medicaid program will be re-authorized.

House Democrats are pushing for expansion of the program under the federal health care law, but republicans want to re-new it as-is.

The governor is expected to call a special session before the end of June.

Snowden, who is the president pro tem in the House, told the Lauderdale County Council of Governments Monday that he believes renewal, not expansion, will happen then.

"In my opinion, if we do not do it, the people voting against it are crazy," said Snowden. "We have to keep our current Medicaid program in place. We had some folks, and I'm not impugning their motives, I know they wanted to talk about expansion. And those things, we believe, are premature. But regardless, we're now to the deadline, and if we do not vote to continue our program, we're not going to have Medicaid after July 1st."

The governor has not announced a date yet for a special session.