Soldier Surprises Son at Local Ballfield

Meridian, Miss. One of the airmen returning home Thursday evening with the 186th surprised his young son. Ten year old Tanner Bufkin, who was busy playing baseball earlier this evening, wasn't aware his dad would be there. That is, until Master Sgt. Jay Bufkin made his way onto the diamond. It was a reunion seven months in the making for the family. Tanner's little sisters, Ava and Kinley, were also very happy about the homecoming. Jay's wife, Shanna, coordinated the surprise.

Master Sgt. Bufkin. of the 186th in Meridian, told us he's glad to be home.

"Time to spend a little time with the family and make that transition," Bufkin said. "She has been doing a great job going to school and knocking out becoming a nurse, and dealing with these kids and school and everything. So, that impressed me and what she's accomplished while I've been gone, without me being here." His wife added, "It has been a team effort."

Everyone at Meridian's Crestwood baseball field cheered for the reunion.